Nut Gingrich And Other "Personhood" Candidates On Abortion

January 10, 2012

Nut Gingrich And Other “Personhood” Candidates On Abortion
Got an IUD? If Gingrich or others of his ilk are elected in great enough numbers, you could potentially be charged with murder. Paul Hsieh writes at PJMedia:

Gingrich recently signed [1] the “Personhood Republican Presidential Candidate Pledge” [2] which affirms that “unborn children” should be regarded as persons with full legal rights “from the moment of conception … without exception and without compromise.” Gingrich signed the pledge after taking heat for an earlier statement stating that human life began after embryo implantation [3] in the womb (which occurs a few days after fertilization). His campaign has since clarified [4]: “Newt believes that human life begins at conception, that is, at the moment of fertilization.” If enacted into law, this seemingly small distinction could have serious implications for the legality of many forms of birth control.

The “personhood” movement represents the most ideologically consistent endpoint of the anti-abortion movement. In their view, once a human sperm fertilizes an egg, the zygote deserves full protection as a legal “person” comparable to a born child. Under this standard, abortion would become illegal even in cases of rape and incest — one of the goals of “personhood” advocates. However, recognizing fertilized eggs as legal persons would also have serious implications for issues other than abortion. As Ari Armstrong and Diana Hsieh describe in their 2010 paper [5], this includes potentially limiting women’s ability to receive in vitro fertilization and physicians’ ability to treat women with life-threatening ectopic pregnancies. But one of the biggest political issues would be the legality of many forms of birth control.

According to Personhood USA [6], “birth control that causes the death of a living human being would be affected.” Hence, IUDs [7] would also become illegal because they are “designed to kill the tiniest children by preventing implantation.” Medications such as “Plan B” or the “morning after pill” (which can block implantation of a fertilized egg) would also be outlawed.

…If Gingrich wins the 2012 GOP presidential nomination, it would be the first time that a “personhood” supporter would be on the national ballot. In 2008, John McCain declined to endorse the “personhood” movement. Rather, American Right to Life, which describes itself as “the personhood wing of the pro-life movement,” attacked John McCain in 2008 as “pro-abortion [15]” for supporting legal abortion in cases of rape. In 2012, Rick Perry, Rick Santorum, and Michele Bachman have also signed the Personhood Pledge. In contrast, Mitt Romney is anti-abortion, but has not signed the Personhood Pledge and supports legal abortion in case of rape or incest.

If Gingrich (or any other “personhood” supporter) wins the 2012 GOP nomination, the future legality of birth control pills and IUDs would immediately become a national political issue, to the detriment of the Republicans. Just as the “personhood” issue tipped the swing state of Colorado in favor of the Democrats in 2010, it could also tip a few critical swing states in favor of Obama in 2012.

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  • http://www.lkgnet.com/ Lionell Griffith

    I suggest the “tipping” is exactly the goal of the “personhood” advocates.  They are simply against the Obama form of “tipping”.  The protection and extension of Liberty is very much on the bottom of their list of things to support.  It is nothing but one more step to a totalitarian top down control of every actual person on earth. 

    If you can’t control who uses your body, you are a rightless slave who has no right to exist.  Ultimately, it is of no consequence what theory of governance is used to enslave you or the excuse used to justify it.  You will exist by permission and will not thrive nor long survive exactly because you cannot use your mind in your own behalf.

  • Thomas Mc

    Too bad Gingrich wasn’t aborted. Too many people, like him, are born without souls.

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Hal-McCombs/100001473923464 Hal McCombs

      Come on, Thomas.  You don’t believe in the soul.  Otherwise abortion really is murder.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Hal-McCombs/100001473923464 Hal McCombs

    You were once a fetus.  So was I.  At least I know I was a human being even back then.

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