You Can’t Fly Because You’re A Girl

February 10, 2012

You Can’t Fly Because You’re A Girl
There was no female TSA worker there at the tiny Rock Springs, Wyoming airport to grope the vagina of a female passenger, Jennifer Winning, so she was made to miss her flight. Jaclyn Allen reports for thedenverchannel:

A Transportation Security Administration agent informed her that the only female screener had been let off to avoid paying her overtime.

“I offered to sign a waiver to let a male screener check me, but they wouldn’t do it,” Winning said. “I asked, ‘If I was a man I could get on [the plane], but because I’m a woman I can’t?’ And he said, ‘Yes, that’s correct.’”

A TSA spokeswoman issued a statement to 7NEWS saying there had been several final boarding announcements, and that the reason Winning wasn’t allowed through security was actually because she was too late and “the airline was no longer accepting passengers for the flight.”

…”It wasn’t about timing,” Winning said. “It wasn’t because I was late. It was because I am a woman, and they didn’t have a female TSA agent.”

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