Parents Being Made To Sign Waivers For Kids To Play At Another Family’s House

April 7, 2012

Parents Being Made To Sign Waivers For Kids To Play At Another Family’s House
Jacoba Urist writes at MSNBC:

Most of us aren’t shocked when we’re asked to sign a waiver before a school trip or the start of little league season. Normal stuff kids participate in every day can result in some minor (and now and again, major) injuries, and some adults get litigious when something goes awry.

Most of these organizations are just doing what their insurance companies require: getting every parent to legally agree that they know the risks involved and won’t hold the school or the sports league responsible if their child is hurt.

But more and more parents are encountering legal forms from other parents before our kids do the most basic things, like attend a birthday party or even a good, old-fashioned play date.

And here, from a commenter at MSNBC, is why:

A few years ago I would have thought this was insane. That is until it happened to us – a lawsuit!!

Our kids were playing baseball in the backyard with a couple of neighborhood kids. One of the kids decided to slide into home base and ended up cutting his thigh on what we think may have been a sharp rock in the ground. Although we could not find what he got hurt on after a lot of time searching through the grass.

My husband & I helped him home and his parents took him to the ER where he did receive 2 stitches. We felt awful and checked on him the next day. The parents said he was fine.

2 weeks later we discovered we were being sued by these parents. Our homeowners defended us in the case, but these parent’s were asking for over $15,000 due to distress & mental anguish over the injury. Our homeowners ended up settling the case for $5,000. And our homeowners insurance doubled in price the next year.

Now I think twice before letting any kids into our yard….such a shame


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