What "TSA" Stands For

April 19, 2012

What “TSA” Stands For
Butler Schaffer writes on Lew Rockwell that it’s “Total Submission Authority”:

Its function has absolutely nothing to do with combating “terrorism.” There are no more “terrorists” running loose in this country than there were “bogeymen” with which I used to scare my little sisters when we were children. One need only read Viktor Frankl’s book, Man’s Search for Meaning to discover that, like Frankl’s Nazi concentration camp experiences, the TSA’s role is to degrade and dehumanize people; to remind us that the state can humiliate us to any degree it chooses whenever it chooses, and that those who resist will be punished and put on secret lists for some undefined future use.

As I write in my op-ed on the TSA, this is obedience training for the American public, a show pony of “security.” Shaffer writes about being a private function recently, where there was a bag check of all entrants. Shaffer asked the inspector, “How many weapons, explosives, etc., has this company discovered this way?”

His answer:

“Not a one.”

via Lisa Simeone

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