Conservative, Except About Your Vagina

May 11, 2012

Conservative, Except About Your Vagina
In an email exchange I had yesterday, my friend Dale Launer asked:

What’s with (some) conservatives saying they’re against gov’t intervention – against gov’t intruding into your life – but have legislation for vaginal probes and conservative SCOTUS approved (spread your ass cheeks please) strip searches. Can gov’t get any more intrusive? Creepy shit!

My response:

The truth is, they aren’t true conservatives; they’re what I call convenience conservatives. They’re conveniently conservative — except on all the occasions that they try to dictate others’ behavior.

Your response?

But, first via Jim P., a pertinent link from ChrisLittleton.com, “Are you a ‘Socialist’ Conservative?”:

Enter my fiend the “socialist conservative.” Ok, that term isn’t entirely accurate, so a bit of clarification. I have heard people use many terms to describe this inconsistent type of person as a “tea party collectivist,” “big government Republican” or “corporate statist.” All fall in the vein of someone who says, I want to cut spending and limit government, except for Medicare or Social Security – I paid into those.

Another giveaway is the person who calls for a constitutionally limited government, but is ok with an unconstitutional war on drugs or regular encroachment on civil liberties. As long as it doesn’t inhibit their particular view of the world, the “socialist conservative” is all for it.

Veronique de Rugy recently called out many Republicans for being “pro-business,” but not actually “pro-market”. Yes, they are very different. These are the people who are ok with selective tax cuts, bailouts or subsidies for individual (and coincidentally well connected) corporations. A friend of mine, who shall remain nameless to protect him from future criticism, calls this whole phenomenon of double speak with a straight face – “tea party hypocrisy.”

…If we’d simply embrace the principles of liberty as a prism through which all ideas can be viewed – we could have unbeatable consistency and mass appeal. “Socialist conservatism” is not conservative at all if it does not focus on government restraint and self-responsibility.

We can’t abandon the ideas of self-ownership and limited government, just because we aren’t comfortable about a particular issue or because a certain candidate shares our personal moral system – whether that is Christianity or anything else. One universal truth will never go away – the larger the government, the smaller the individual, and we can’t give a single inch on this idea.

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