How Orwellian Are We? TSA Supe Roger Grant Refused To Give Me Name Of TSA Worker Who Groped Me At JFK

November 18, 2012

How Orwellian Are We? TSA Supe Roger Grant Refused To Give Me Name Of TSA Worker Who Groped Me At JFK
He also threatened me with arrest just for asking for her first name (which she refused to provide me), and which was impossible to see, since she wore her ID badge upside down.

A good many TSA workers seem to wear their badges upside down — I suspect, so they cannot be identified on blogs, as I identified the TSA’s Thedala Magee, and more recently, another LAX TSA gropenfrau, Tiffany Applewhite.

This is the text of my email to TSA press liason Nico Melendez, which details the disgusting actions of the TSA at JFK the other day, when Gregg and I were flying home.

The email asks for answers — as well as names of those who think they’re employed and empowered by the United States of Orwell.

Gregg and I were in New York attending the National Book Awards, not the al Qaeda Leadership Conference, and I’d had lunch with my book agent and my editor, a lovely Italian man whose name is decidedly not al-Zawahiri.

In other words, there was no reason whatsoever to search me — to grope my breasts, graze my vagina, or touch me or my possessions in any way. But all of that was done to me, and Gregg was groped as well.

Let’s be mindful that the government pension-seeking hamburger clerks the TSA hires couldn’t find a terrorist if one crawled up their ass and whistled the al Qaeda theme song.

Any plots uncovered have been exposed by trained intelligence agents — like Fred Humphries, the FBI agent who uncovered the Millennium bombing plot at LAX by noticing that a guy with a Montreal baptismal certificate had an Algerian accent.

SUBJECT: Nico, info needed for piece on TSA incident Nov 15 at JFK

On Thursday, November 15, at around 2pm, I was going through Kennedy Airport, Terminal 2 (Delta), going to gate 27 for a Delta flight home to Los Angeles.

As usual, I was pulled out for more screening. (It is odd that I, like many large-breasted women am always chosen — always by men at the metal detectors — to go for further screening. Every time I fly.)

Of course, in this case, there was no reason to believe I was guilty of anything other than flying home to Los Angeles to feed my dog and go to bed.

The serious issue at hand here: The light-skinned black woman who screened me, last name “Moore,” was wearing her photo ID upside down so her first name could not be read. After she ran her hands, most disgustingly, all over my body, grazing my labia and touching my breasts and inside my turtleneck on my bare skin, I told her I needed her first name. She refused to give it to me.

It seems to me that when a government worker is doing a contested activity like groping my body for “security” purposes, sans probable cause, or engaging in any search of me as a citizen, I am entitled to that person’s full name and badge number. In fact, we should be entitled to any government worker’s full name when we have any dealing with them — as long as we are still a free country.

I am asking you to provide both the full name and badge number of agent Moore now for a piece I am writing about this event.

I also need to know if agents are required, for accountability to the public they are touching in their most private areas, to wear their identification so it is visible.

Does the public not have a right to know the name of the person they are being searched by, or have things become *that* Orwellian?

Furthermore, when I went over to agent Moore’s supervisor, the supervisor, Mr. Grant, a light-skinned black man seated at a podium in the corner, also refused to give me his first name.

I could read his name on his badge — Roger Grant — as his badge was not upside-down.

When I told TSA supervisor Roger Grant I needed the first name of the woman (Moore) who’d searched my body, he refused to give it to me and told me he would call the police on me. He said this in concert with telling me to leave. This was upsetting, frightening, and extremely intimidating.

Is this truly TSA procedure? That when a citizen asks the name of the person who searched them, they are denied the name and then threatened with arrest?

I want you to give me Roger Grant’s badge number, his job history with the TSA, and an explanation of whether his behavior of threatening me with arrest for asking for the name of the agent who searched me was in line with TSA procedure.

I asked Roger Grant for a complaint form and he refused to give me one. He said I could complain online

I want to know whether there will be any reprimand or punishment made of these two, and if not, why not.

I’d also like a complaint form since Grant refused to give me one.

Is this the America you want to live in?

Please answer all my questions in boldface, provide any additional information you might have that relates to this incident, and let me know when you can get back to me.

-Amy Alkon

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  • Currahee101st


  • Demosthenes

    The TSA workers are no doubt afraid to be exposed for their crimes on social media outlets. Even if they do not, in the future, list their criminal activities on their resumes (as the turnover rate of employees is astronomical), they could be later discovered to have been a TSA sexual predator from a routine internet search.

  • Madoka

    The way that you’re acting, it’s obvious that no one is going to give you information because all you want to do is make hell for the person doing their job. Stop whining.

    • Jill_Ion

      She isn’t whining. She tried several times to get information that should have been available at the time and is calling for TSA management to respond.

    • dogmatix

      Wrong. The person wasn’t doing her job. She was engaging in Sexual assault, an illegal act, and she knew it. Her bosses know it too. Of course she did not want to identify herself. And yes, we should make hell for those who engage in unlawful acts under color of law. We need a lot more people with courage to whine; cowards who side with the molesters we don’t need.

    • Neil

      Yes, making hell for the person committing the crime of sexual assault is the very least one can do.

    • TrollStomper9000

      “Stop whining.” – Professional Boot-licker

      Exactly! :)

      This is ‘MERICA! Where one-third of Americans would happily accept TSA-Approved™ full-body dental cavity searches. You see. This is the Land of the Brave. Which means you must bravely grab your ankles for safety. You must bravely take the risk of having a defrocked pedophile priest give your son an “enhanced” pat-down. You must bravely accept the fact that you’re more likely to die from a drunk driver, food allergies, pool drowning, or even death by cop, then by a terrorist. Which is why the TSA must continue to do their job (including and up to stealing your money, items, lying to police, physical assault, sexually assault, verbal assault, or whatever else they decide to make-up).

      Poll: One Third of Americans Would Accept Cavity Searches by TSA

      Welcome to the Fourth Reich

      We’re Just Doing Our Job™

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Jay-Martin/100002208402010 Jay Martin

      “stop whining and take this abuse”. The way she is acting??? she’s acting like a woman who feels violated. Are people not allowed to feel anymore? Go be a good little doggy and lick more boot at the airports you rotten tsa gestapo.

    • GAIA

      Whining? Madoka you are a useless sheep. How’s that for whining? Are you even from the U.S.? Have you ever read your Bill or Rights? Constitution? Our rights to freedom is what created the greatest country in history. So if you don’t like whiners, please move to North Korea and see what happens when personal liberties are non existent.

  • http://www.facebook.com/sommer.gentry Sommer Gentry

    While I love your efforts to out the specific criminals who have sexually assaulted you, Amy, I want to reassure you of one thing. Every single one of those thugs in the blue shirts has either committed or facilitated sexual assault. This means – we know who the perverts are even if you weren’t successful in publishing the name of your attacker in this instance.

    Hey TSA – we’re not your porn stars and we’re not your sex toys! Get your filthy hands and your sick strip search machines away from us! You all deserve jail time for what you’ve done.

  • dogmatix

    I imagine this will be TSA’s response, if they bother to respond:

    We can’t/ won’t tell you their names due to privacy concerns, unless it is in our best interest.

    TSA procedures are not for public dissemination, unless it is in our best interest.

    There is no disciplinary action against employees who have “followed procedure”.

    Interference with security procedures (which we can’t/won’t tell you) can result in your arrest and civil penalty.

    The law does not define, prohibit, or punish TSA employee misconduct, only passenger misconduct. Therefore it does not exist. What’s so wrong in touching your intimate areas? We have rights, and you don’t. You give up your rights when you enter our screening area.

    We aren’t going to change and we don’t care how many people complain. If you don’t like it, don’t fly. That will make our job easier.

    Our slogan: Every package a guest, every passenger a pest.

    Our motto (same as Caligula’s): oderint dum metuant – Let them hate as long as they fear.

  • Rosepher Catervas

    You need to immediately call the police and press charges. Handle it as you would any random person on the street doing the same thing to you.

  • Paul Blank

    Many people have been arrested and sent to prison for much lessor crimes. Some have been placed on a sex predator listing. These TSA Agents are a greater danger to the public, as repeat offenders. Over and over again. Next in line, please come forward for your grope down. Yet, I do not hear of many harse prosecutions for their repeated crimes. None of them are medically trained doctors. So, how can they prescribe your radiation treatments? Their actions can not be justified as just doing a common job. If that job contains porno scanners, fondling, rape and the theft of your belongings. Good people would look for a better job. It’s more about abusive power and control over other individuals. It is a violation of your privacy and your personal space. They have too much power over your grandmother or your kids. Do you really feel safer to travel after the TSA became our watch dog? Personally, I do not want them protecting me. Terrorist are only successful if they can spread fear to large masses of people. Who are the real terrrorists we are supposed to be afraid of? .

  • http://www.facebook.com/JamesCBabb James Babb Ⓐ

    Why complain to the rapist about a rape? Call 911 and ask to speak to a sex crimes detective. Give them a description of the perps.

  • Neil

    Is there a website that exist to expose the individual offenders or can you use your community network to photograph and post all available data on the offending parties to allow the public to redress them personally? Maybe a little fear and anxiety in return will modify this out of control behavior since the institution as a whole is corrupt.

  • paleblueeyes24

    I guess my thoughts on things greatly differ from many (at least the many on this site). I believe flying is a privilege NOT a right and I know ahead of time that there are security measures I may have to go through that I don’t find pleasant but my small discomfort is worth the safety of other people even if its only 1 person. Sure you know going in your not a danger but that doesn’t mean everyone else is a mind reader. It only takes one time for many people to lose their lives. I’m sorry if someone touching your bare skin is of a greater value to you then other people’s lives; can I recommend driving in the future!!! It’s ridiculous that you go through security looking for everything you don’t agree with. It’s easy to avoid….DON’T FLY!!! I just returned from a cross country trip the day after I broke my knee cap. Obviously it was extremely painful regardless of movement but because of my situation I had to go through further screening than everyone else and had to make very painful movements but it was my choice to fly. No one forced me nor did I try to belittle anyone trying to keep things safe. Other people; including my travel companion, was not happy with the added security checks I went through but what I said then and what I will always say is the safety of others is worth a little inconvenience to me and some extra pat downs that SOME want to find something sexual with. If your feeling something sexual from the pat down maybe the issue is not with the agents. Since my leg brace goes basically from “my labia;” as you put it, to my foot does that mean the ER doctor was sexually molesting me or was he trying to protect me??? Some people take the word “Liberty” a little to far and believe their rights are more important than others.

    • answerto1984is1776

      Travel, by any means available, is a right supported by supreme court decisions. It is a RIGHT, not a “privilege”, and therefore not to be infringed on by any government. This is why security, by constitutional definition, must be left to the airlines, not the government. Your opinion matters not. The only reason the government’s opinion matters is, by definition, they have a monopoly on “legal violence”. For your small brain, I will put this in small words: they can beat you and get away with it.

      • paleblueeyes24

        I love the fact that you require insults in an effort to debate your side of things. I was always taught that just shows ignorance on the other persons part and their inability to hear anything they don’t want to. If you could ole mighty one please tell me where in the Constitution where it says every US citizen is afforded the right to fly? If you notice; just like driving, it can be revoked at anytime if the rules/laws that have been established are not followed. Based on your argument if a US citizen hijacks a plane and is later released from prison then that same hijacker has every “right” to immediately hop right back on an airplane. I apologize that someone with such a “small brain” actually has an opinion on something which in fact IS supported by the Constutution does in fact matter. You can’t even make it through one paragraph without COMPLETELY contradicting yourself. Everyone has a “right” to fly but what I think as a law abiding citizen doesn’t matter??? If I have a “small” brain what does that say about yours…..nonexistent. I can sling the insults with the best of them and you better believe I love my country regardless of any flaws it might have!! I hope that everyone complaining about their “rights” and “freedoms” remember what millions of people have sacrificed to allow the convenience of flying. As technology changes; so does the security measures necessary to protect that technology. Would you prefer to go back to riding a horse to your destination? I highly doubt it. Also the last time I checked it was the governments responsibility to keep its people safe; not TSA.

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Jay-Martin/100002208402010 Jay Martin

      Freedom of movement is a God given right, not something I need a permit for. You are blind and brain washed, people like you simply put their heads in the sand to be taken advantage of, with the belief that “well, if it’s government then it must be good for me”. Everyone’s laughing at you, go home and eat your cupcake and watch more TV you sheep. Maybe you’re accustomed to being touched and you accept it, but 99% of us do not, and that doesn’t mean we have to accept it and “just don’t fly” as you say, WE are true Americans. People like those who stand up for what they believe in are the heroes of this country- of the same mindset who would fight for this country, people like you sit back in your mundane life, accept everything pushed on you and run from it. People like you are the cancer of this country. WE, the people who see this problem and care enough to spend out time writing about it and exposing it will do what we can to change this problem, even if people like YOU don’t see anything wrong with it. Maybe you don’t have children, or respect for your body but most people do respect their bodies. Israel, who is surrounded by terrorists on all sides who want the destroy their country have no such security as this. The types of people and the proximity of those people surrounding Israel who are bent on destroying them is far greater than that of the U.S., and they don’t have cancer-causing machines or harassment, or nasty pat downs, and how often does Israel have hijackings or terrorist activity in their airports (hint: not very often, and thank God for that!)? Think about it.

    • chief1937

      Just wondering what world you belong to? If I met you on the street and did half as much to you as these TSA agents you would be calling the law and demanding I be arrested. AS for a Dr, touching you that is a necessity not just for him or her to get a kick out of it.I will agree with part of your post though the secret is do not fly if possible lit the airlines go broke and we can subsadise them.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Jay-Martin/100002208402010 Jay Martin

    This is absolutely disgusting. Screw you TSA agent Bob Burns, and screw the TSA. I can’t believe people have to go through these things. TSA – you think this is American? You bunch of hippocrates, this is UN-American, this is horrid and shameful, you bunch of barbaric, twisted jerks. They have their databases, and rant on their blogs about “we know who you are”, well I say We the People (peacefully of course) establish our own database, with TSA names and photographs, so that the average person can also know who they are. The reason I say this is this: There obviously is no accountability. Homeland Security is over the police departments, and the police don’t take these matters seriously. There must be some form of accountability and THAT is why these tsa “agents” behave like babboons, harasss people, the elderly, our CHILDREN, cancer patients etc. My name is right here, I’m not afraid of any of you perverted tsa jerks. May God forgive you for the sick mentality some of you have, and the sick agency you are supporting by working for them.

  • chief1937

    TSA just another arm of Obama stepping on our constitutonal rights.Most TSA agents must be gay as they seem to enjoy groaping people where we as citizens would be arrested for doing the same thing all this done under the guise of security bull it’s simply throwing your weight around because you can.Are we any safer today because of this policy I think not maybe you do but that is debaitable.

    • Alec

      Just trying to correct a few statements of yours.

      “TSA just another arm of Obama stepping on our constitutonal rights.”

      Actually, TSA was signed into law by George W. Bush in 2001. I’m not sure what Obama has to do with it.

      “Most TSA agents must be gay”

      I don’t even know what to say to this statement.

      “…as they seem to enjoy groaping people”

      Actually, this is not true. I am a frequent flyer and always opt-out. I engage in chit-chat with those who pat me down, and I can tell you that not a single one of them enjoy it (at least based on the hundreds I’ve asked over the last 10 years of flying).

      “Are we any safer today because of this policy”

      This is debatable. Though the TSA has not caught a single terrorist, at the same time, we have not had a single hijacking since 2001. So would you consider that we’re safer or not? It depends on whether you see the glass half full or half empty.

      Trust me, I hate the TSA as much as the other person, but your argument is riddled with inaccuracies.

  • Alec


    Perhaps a little civility and respect would go a long way. If you presented your case in front of Judge Judy the way I read it above, she’d bitch slap you out of court (I’m using the Judge Judy reference because I just watched that clip you posted – which I liked btw).

    Like a reader below stated, if you feel violated, it is well within your right to call a law enforcement officer (they’re in every airport) and press charges.

    Can you also make a legal request to the TSA to provide you the video of your incident and share it on your blog? It would be insightful for us to actually witness how the entire incident unfolded.

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