Annoying Vegans Block Paris Traffic

November 25, 2012

Annoying Vegans Block Paris Traffic
We’re staying on what in Paris is the 6th floor and what in America would be the 7th (the first floor here is counted as zero), but we still heard this awful noise yesterday afternoon.

It sounded like really horrible “music,” with people yelling, but it actually just turned out to be people yelling in a “manifestation” — a protest against eating meat and wearing fur.

They were marching down the major street, Boulevard St. Germain, blocking everybody in cars or buses from getting anywhere. Assholes. That’ll show all of us.

This guy did have a cute dog and kind of a similar snout himself:

vegannitwits.jpgHere is a photo by Gregg:


Luckily, the noise and annoyance and the subject matter served as a reminder that we needed to pick up some more paté later — which we did:

P1030010.JPGNow, I wouldn’t suggest eating fur (it’s murder on the mouth), but I do highly recommend paté (with a few cornichons on the side).

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  • http://aol.com boulderfellow

    I agree in general terms and certainly don’t want to be like the left was with Bush BUT the stench coming from Obama remains in my mind until someone explains why he won’t produce his actual birth certificate, or his college records, or his medical records, etc. In my view, anyone, liberal or conservative, who finds Obama’s behavior regarding this issue understandable or defendable is a gullible fool. I guess there will be no resolution to it and we do need to “get along” with each other etc., but I can’t bring myself to trust a guy who would rather spend thousands avoiding the issue rather than simply addressing it and putting it to rest. If someone could give me a credible explanation for Obama NOT showing his birth and other documentation (other than the obvious “he’s hiding something”), I’d love to hear it (really I would – I’d sleep better).

  • Merck

    People who make a habit of questioning other people’s sanity for mere differences of opinion should be given no credibility. People who consistently question other people’s sanity over differences of opinion are crazy themselves.

    It wasn’t that long ago when people like Horowitz would have been shot in a dual. People were a lot more respectful of each other when they knew their words bore consequences.

    This is a fundamental Constitutional issue and there should not even be an argument. Obama should have to produce the required documentation or step aside … period.

  • Merck

    Correction: Shot in a duel!

    I don’t think anyone would miss the guy either. I think the world would be a much better place without the people who like to call other people crazy for a difference of opinion.

    We would all be much better off.

  • Bob

    Here, here, Boulderfellow and Merck! I’ll admit that I didn’t vote for BHO, but I don’t want to see what crises will befall this country if he has to be removed now that he’s won election. I can see the Democrats screaming at the top of their lungs on how yet ANOTHER election was stolen by Republicans and Conservatives planting BHO in the Democrat Party.

    This could have been settled when it first came out by revealing the vault copy of his birth certificate. His constant delay and deception only fires up the question of “What’s he hiding?” Now, the slow revealing of the Chicago Political Machine is throwing an ever growing shadow on him. But that’s another story, which I sincerely hope he’s not a part of.

Right. Man up. Buy the book now on Amazon.com. Or listen to Ronnie tell a story at escaping-from-reality.com.