How To Have A Kid Without Getting A Divorce To Go With

November 27, 2012

How To Have A Kid Without Getting A Divorce To Go With
I just posted a column on the subject, Four Wettings And A Funeral. An excerpt:

I know, having a baby looks so idyllic in picture books. The stork drops him off one day, and then on the next page, he’s 5. In real life, there are back-to-back trips to Poison Control, meaningful conversations about the day’s shade of poo, and hopes that people will think you’re just holding the baby for some other lady when he’s screaming his lungs out on a plane.

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  • http://www.angryharry.com/ AH

    #1 performance by Glenn Sacks.

  • ConscientiousObjector

    Hello Helen:

    I’m happy to see that you and Glenn touched on most of the important aspects of this issue.

    Here’s my feedback in short …

    Men were able to accomplish more when it was more of a man’s world (Organize unions etc.) because men were portrayed as the heroes of society and it was good to be a man. Now it’s more of a woman’s world and men are portrayed as bumbling idiots similar to how women use to be treated. (Although, in most cases, it’s far worse to be a man now than it ever was to be a woman) Women were able to organize because men began to cut them some slack and they were more comfortable supporting each other. So it’s not a question of men “not wanting to help each other”.

    It’s systematic, government financed, (sometimes ruthless) discrimination against men on a national scale that keeps us in our place. (Barefoot and in a jail cell or doghouse) Men are despised so bad in the media that many hate each other. The thing that makes what men are going through far worse than what women went through; (in the early days of feminism) is the *criminalization* of everything male. Women were never persecuted in the past to the extent that men are today. They never had to fear incarceration the way men do. There is a huge industry built up around humiliating, intimidating, falsely accusing, persecuting, prosecuting, beating, tasering, shooting, killing and incarcerating men. (Not to mention denying them their rights)

    To keep it short, when society lightens up on men, and begins to portray them as human beings again, we’ll be able to make a comeback. We need to stop the government financed, feminist hate-machine, from continuing its campaign to subjugate men. That may sound a little dramatic to some, but it’s not overstated to anyone who’s a direct victim. (That’s something neither you nor Glenn can claim. I would say that you and Glenn are indirect victims at best, (perhaps unwittingly) and even beneficiaries to some extent, in that you are both prospering from the crisis)

    It’s not going to be easy to bring about change because feminists are a strong political force and they’ve made it very profitable for themselves, and everyone who supports them politically, to victimize men. With so much money involved, it won’t be easy, and expecting hate filled feminists, greedy lawyers, judges and politicians, to find mercy in their hearts is a pipedream. This is the key element you two failed to emphasize in your discussion is that it’s *extremely profitable* to discriminate against men.

    However, Glenn is on the right track, in my opinion, because he sees the potential the movement has, which cannot be said of many so-called “father’s rights advocates”. This will be the most powerful and influential movement in American History and it will happen out of necessity. The money and political support will happen through raised awareness and necessity, not the goodness of people’s hearts.

Right. Man up. Buy the book now on Amazon.com. Or listen to Ronnie tell a story at escaping-from-reality.com.