Paris: Lessons To Live By (Or At Least Vacation By) In A Latin Country

November 27, 2012

Paris: Lessons To Live By (Or At Least Vacation By) In A Latin Country
Something to remember in France: It’s a Latin country. Things do not always work as promised or expected; stores are not always open when they say they are.

This means the “bird in the hand” adage applies. For example: A working Métro ticket dispenser is to be patronized; you don’t wait until you need a new carnet (book of tickets), because there may not be a ticket dispenser at that station or it may be out of order.

Accordingly, Monday night, I needed to print out the tickets we bought online for the dinosaur show at the Museum of Natural History (here in Paris) that we’re planning on going to Wednesday. There are very few cyber cafes now in Paris, but there was one close to us. I went to the cyber cafe on the rue Mignon — and of course found it shuttered, despite their reported hours (open till 22:00 — 10pm). Not surprisingly, their own site is down, so I had to look at CityVox.

Luckily, I went to the Holiday Inn right by there, told them the cyber cafe was closed and asked if they knew another nearby. (There isn’t one — the closest one is adjacent to le Jardin du Luxembourg.) I was thinking I could maybe use the computer in their business center (which I assumed they had), but I thought it was probably better not to ask directly. The clerk suggested I do that, said it was a 3 eu minimum, showed me the way, and then printed the PDF of the tickets off my flash drive for me (because I apparently couldn’t use the flash drive in the biz center’s computer).

This is just Paris as usual. I don’t get mad at these things; I just know to prepare. These are tickets needed Wednesday and Gregg was cooking dinner, so it was a good time to go stave off a big pain in the ass trying to print them on Tuesday.

P.S. If you’re here, and you want to go to that dino show, you have to buy your tickets in advance — online or at FNAC.

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