Bringing Out The Ass In “Assumption”

December 18, 2012

Bringing Out The Ass In “Assumption”
Just like nutbag religious leaders in the wake of 9/11, some religious bloggers are coming out to blame the horrific shooting in Connecticut, not on what’s likely — mental illness (how else do you gun down children?) — but on the lack of god in our lives.

From a site called Freedom Torch (freedom, it seems, to make asinine assumptions based on the evidence-free belief that there even is a god), Jonathan Cousar blogs:

The tragic mass murder of all those children in Connecticut yesterday is another great example of what happens when millions of people have outright hostility to God. Some people will blame God and ask how can we follow a God who allows such a thing. But you can discount their views, because they hate this God in the first place and they’re always looking for things they can twist into arguments against him. And this particular argument is upside down.

Christians in this country have been warning for a very long time – and especially strongly since the 1960s, that if we keep heading in the direction of rejecting the God of the Bible, that exactly these kinds of things will become more and more common. And not because God is judging or punishing us, but because they’re the direct result of rejecting God. The murderer yesterday wasn’t following God. He was in open rebellion against him. God didn’t tell him to go murder 20 young children. If he was following the God of the Bible he never could have done that.

But the irreligious among us have worked tirelessly for more than a hundred years to push God out of the schools, out of the media, out of all public places.

Um, it’s called the Constitution, dude — and it also preserves your right to practice your evidence-free beliefs in non-government funded situations…or to create your own media to try to push those beliefs on others.

Kids like yesterday’s mass child murderer can grow up in America today and never hear a single word from God’s Bible. This kid was taught the atheist view that we’re all the result of some random molecular accidents and there is therefore no purpose or meaning to our lives – except to reproduce. He very likely grew up without ever coming into contact with any Christian teachings that would have helped him avoid doing what he did yesterday. If he grew up going to public schools and watching Hollywood TV and movies, he could have easily gone his entire 20 years without hearing even a mention of Biblical teachings.

I particularly like bits like the ones that say people need to be executed for committing adultery, and the bizarre prohibition against getting a haircut. Fantastic Sam’s, thou art the root of much evil!

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  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/2823051 Pete

    That picture still cracks me up. And I’ve noticed she has that “doe in the headlights” look in a lot of pictures.
    She’ll probably get community service and a fine. I just hope they have some nice barrio soup kitchens in Georgia where she can meet some interesting people who would be interested in meeting her.

    “Hey Senorita, wanna come back to my cardboard box under the freeway overpass and meet some of my amigos?”

  • Tony Ananda

    Oh, my goodness! 326 complaints! Do you Christians realize how truly petty and mean you sound? Why are you so threatened? Its just words on a cloth, right? Now stop worrying and enjoy your life.

  • Squiggy

    All this time, atheists have been the whiners. Now it hurts when it's turned around, eh Tony?

    One set of rules for thee, none for me.

  • Tim Merritt

    Maybe a Christian group should take out their own advert. Take this same line of thinking to it's logical conclusion. It might read;

    "Do you have cancer? Has a child died? Are you unable to enjoy life? No hope? No peace? Well, there's probably no God. So all you suffering is pointless anyway."

    My ex-wife is an atheist. I think that's a pretty easy thing to be when you lived a sheltered, affluent life. She wasn't "for" anything. She was only "against" religion. That's how she defined herself. I got sick of it after a while and it's one of the main reasons I left her.

    Some atheists seem to live their entire lives in blissful contentment. I am happy for them. But that line of reasoning has not fulfilled my deepest and most fundamental needs. Nobody can be happy forever. Suffering comes to everyone eventually. It is an inescapable fact of existance. I think I need a little something more than atheism and arrogant intellectualism to deal with that.

Right. Man up. Buy the book now on Amazon.com. Or listen to Ronnie tell a story at escaping-from-reality.com.