Coarse Race

January 5, 2013

Coarse Race
Winner take all (the nonexistent but very attractive Advice Goddess sun visor).

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    On a plane to Zurich
    I had an interesting conversation with an U.S. ex-pat hippie type who had settled in Zurich. A pleasant man and at the time we were discussing current events including GW’s first election in Y2K.

    He first went to great pains to identify himself as a “moderate” and then went on to make the MMish type argument that GW “stole” the election (without specifying how, of course.) I personally don’t have a lot of love lost for GW but felt that the left had been trying to argue that an election is only valid when their candidate wins in a close election. After debating him for a while on the issue and other issues, it became clear he was a flaming leftist.

    In other words, most leftists now identify themselves as “moderate” unless they’re openly smoking weed and building a biodome in their backyard. They call themselves “fiscal conservatives” which is a fancy phrase for raising taxes to help cover big government socialist programs rather than borrowing. (Which is progress since the old leftists knew that the best way to get a program passed was not to admit to the public how much it would cost them.)

    I wish I could be optimistic and say “conservatives” wanted such a candidate but too many are moderates. Some also care less about true conservative values and principles that impact our lives directly but focus on Terri Schiavo and flag burning. They may be right on these issues, but they aren’t as significant as the issues that impact normal people on a daily basis.

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