I See Rude People: The Trash Is In The Mail

January 7, 2013

I See Rude People: The Trash Is In The Mail
I was disgusted to see bags and boxes of trash dumped on my street by people who apparently thought they could do this without repercussion.

What was there to do but to mail some of it to the people who left their personal papers in the trash and tell them to come pick it the hell up?

Screen Shot 2012-12-31 at 6.02.02 PM.png

Oops. It seemed the trash dumpers picked the wrong girl’s street.

I spotted a UPS mailing label with a woman’s name on it on the outside of one box. I went in, got gloves, went through the trash and found other items with names and a local address.

There was a UAL boarding pass for Eduardo Sitnoveter (coach, from Hawaii to Los Angeles) and a windowcoverings order for Jacqueline Sitnoveter, sent from a Michigan window coverings store to an address (of a $2.6 million house overlooking the ocean) in the Pacific Palisades.

Now, I have to say, I have no video or other evidence that Eduardo and Jacqueline themselves dumped the trash on my street. There could be, say, trash robbers in, say, the Pacific Palisades, hauling trash miles and miles away to my neighborhood in hopes of tarnishing an innocent couple’s reputation.

Well, you never know.

Sitnoveter is an unusual name.

I found and messaged both a woman with the name Jacqueline Levy Sitnoveter and a man, Eduardo Sitnoveter, on Facebook — both of whom are from Brazil. No reply.

Oh, and he seems to be a plastic surgeon — who studied with the renowned Ivo Pitangy.

Since I had the Pacific Palisades address Jacqueline used, I figured I’d mail a sample of the dumpings from my street — a varied sampling of the trash in the bags and boxes, plus Eduardo’s boarding pass and Jacqueline’s window covering order, plus the tracking for it that I pulled from UPS.

I mailed the box Wednesday, for $3.69, First Class, and worth every penny. The lady at the Post Office said it would be there on Thursday. I did wait a few days. I was hoping one of the dumpers would come pick the trash up, but it’s still there — which is why this blog item is now going up.

The point here is not just about those who thought nothing of turning my cute street into their personal dump but to show others that just because you think some bunch of strangers are ripe for the victimizing…well, think again.

The typed message I included in the box:

What kind of lowlife people excrete bags and boxes of their trash on the grass lining a cute street — as if it’s their personal trash dump?

Amazingly, there are identifying papers within this trash dumped on our cute street, with the names Eduardo Sitnoveter and Jacqueline Sitnoveter.

This is a nice neighborhood, filled with civilized people — people who expect other people to behave as civilized people and not like animals, dropping their turds where they may.

What hubris.

Send somebody to (my street name/location here) to pick this trash up.

And here’s a snapshot of the box I mailed:

Screen Shot 2012-12-31 at 6.08.20 PM.png

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