Power-Mad Cop Tickets Cyclist On Venice Bike Path Because Cop Is An Asshole

January 25, 2013

Power-Mad Cop Tickets Cyclist On Venice Bike Path Because Cop Is An Asshole
Unbelievably great chronicling of a power-mad asshole who thinks he can bring the hammer down on somebody for speaking freely — and correctly.

The guy in the video apparently told the cop he was blocking the way. And indeed, when somebody — just somebody on a slim regular bike — is stopped on that bike path on a weekend day, especially, it can be dangerous for people biking along on the path.

A cop’s motorcycle is a big thing — really blocking the way. (The asshole cop by all rights should have ticketed himself — and then crumpled up the ticket and stuffed it in his mouth so he could shut himself up before incriminating himself on video for abuse of his position.)

First, here’s the news story about the bogus ticket this power-mad abusive weenie of a cop gives a guy on a beach cruiser (bike), but the full video (below this first video) is the cake:

Watch the whole thing:

Why King Cop says he doesn’t also ticket a girl on a skateboard: “She isn’t being sarcastic.”

From InformationLiberation:

On Friday, Detective Gus Villanueva of the Los Angeles Police Department’s Media Relations Section said that the “ticket had been canceled in the interest of justice.” The department is conducing a personnel investigation into the conduct of the officer involved and would not comment further, Villanueva said.

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  • John Denson

    Some cops in L.A. may be assholes, but so are a great number of cyclists. They think they own the town.

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