I Am Now Officially Ruined For Coffeeshop Coffee — And I Didn’t Buy A $16,000 Espresso Machine With A Footman To Assist

February 4, 2013

I Am Now Officially Ruined For Coffeeshop Coffee — And I Didn’t Buy A $16,000 Espresso Machine With A Footman To Assist
Gregg bought me both the $25.95 AeroPress coffeemaker, which my sister raved about, and the Capresso frothPRO milk frother from Amazon this week. So, he got these two for under $100, total (he paid about $50 for the Capresso frother — which is far cheaper than the other lesser and hard-to-clean ones, and got a slew of good reviews — for good reason).

And the most important detail: I now make about the best cup of coffee I have ever tasted (even in fine restaurants in Paris, New York, and LA) — and with speed and ease.

The Aeropress looks like a junior high science project, and I love that about it, too.

Screen Shot 2013-02-03 at 10.43.04 AM.pngThe AeroPress getting started directions are not the greatest. (I couldn’t figure out how to get the two tubes apart — you unscrew counterclockwise, which wasn’t in directions). But after you get the two tubes apart, you just unscrew the cap on the bottom of one of the cylinders (the black cap with the little holes), slip a little paper filter in there (they come with), and make your coffee as directed.

I put in two scoops of coffee (fine-ground), put water up to three mark on the cylinder, and then come out with a double espresso. I fill the 3/4 of the rest (of my big 16-oz cup) with water, and it’s still very strong coffee (and I like mine break-a-tooth black). I froth a little over a quarter cup of milk and then pour it into the top. (Detailed directions on how to use the AeroPress at the Amazon link.)

Oh, and actually, still coming out around $100, I have the $30 Aroma electric kettle, which Gregg also got me (nice boyfriend!), which heats the water fast, and apparently, to a nice temperature to make great coffee in the AeroPress. Not being cheffy, I have no thermometers around, save for one for sick people that doesn’t go up all that far, temperaturewise (and I’d hate to think of someone with a 150-degree temperature). (Also, it’s best that there’s no possibility that anyone’s stuck your coffee thermometer in their butt.)

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